The Best Age to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

On the face of this, it looks like a very simple matter. Yet it is something that troubles many parents, more specifically the mothers. The latter struggles with the question: When is it the right age to stop using a Baby Monitor? Let me have the honor of walking you through this matter and hopefully bring you some clarity.

Stopping The Use of a Baby Monitor – An Individual Choice

Although this question of at what age the use of a Baby Monitor should be stopped can be answered by any parent or mother. However, it is important to keep in mind that others’ advice to you remains what it says, that it is advice. It is not the alpha and omega. After all, it remains a personal matter and therefore an individual decision or choice to be taken by each parent or mother. The factors that determine the decision or choice are usually the following:

  • The personal circumstances of you as the parent or parents
  • The sensitive feeling of especially you as a mother
  • The weighing of certain important and relevant issues, as well as considerations, that are given to it
  • The personal judgment of you as a parent or couple.

Our Personal Journey

As mentioned in my About Page, all three of our children were born prematurely. The eldest one is a boy, the middle one and the youngest are both girls. We discontinue the use of the monitor at the following ages:

  • The eldest became extremely energetic and busy during nights after his most vulnerable years. We deemed it fit to keep him on the monitor for three-and-a-half years where-after we stop the use of the monitor.
  • The middle one showed some traces of chronic discomfort so we stop the use of the monitor at age four.
  • The youngest did not need the monitor for longer than two-and-a-half years. She actually made it clear to us that she did not need it by giving it back to us every morning shaking her head very seriously negatively. So we stopped the use of the monitor at the age of two-and-a-half years.
    So we have three children and three different ages when we stopped the use of the monitors.

Reasons Why Stopping The Use Of It Is An Individual Choice

There are several reasons that can be indicated as to why it is an individual choice when to stop using a Baby Monitor. It is especially the mother of the baby who is the determining factor because of her extremely sensitive sense of and for situations.

Research on the issue advises parents to stop using Baby Monitors at the age of one or two years. However, there are cases where the parents keep on monitor the baby and only terminate the use of it after the child reaches the age of four-and-half to five-and-a-half years.

Research records also that there is even a case where a parent felt safe to stop using the Baby Monitor only when her child reached the age of nine years. Indeed, it is a matter of personal circumstances that are important. In summary, what is mentioned by mothers especially is the following:

  • The development of our babies is very important. All babies do not develop at the same rate. The muscle strength of babies is not the same at birth, and it does not develop at the same rate. Furthermore, there sleep patterns, light sensitivity and their level of irritability are also not the same. Even perceptual development such as depth perception as well as mental and personality development also does not take place at the same rates as all babies. It is therefore important for you as a parent to keep in mind that each baby has their own development story that determines certain actions or decisions of their parents.
  • Asthmatic challenges or any other medical issues present are one of the reasons for the individual decision given especially by mothers. Some babies have been very healthy since birth. The use of the monitor can be stopped as soon as the critical phase of the baby is over. In other cases, infants are born with certain diseases which are chronic in nature and stays with the baby for a long time. In such cases, the argument will be that any medical discomfort present in babies should be a concern for you as the parent. It is better to only discontinue the use of the monitor when you have absolute peace of mind than to sit afterward with self-regret and emotional scars.
  • Unfortunately, there were instances where families were visited by unexpected and unwelcome visitors, with the intention of damaging the family, especially the baby. Burglars, unfortunately, do not let you know when they strike. They also do not always allow the best security equipment to hamper their plans. Therefore, it is safe for many parents to be connected with their baby or child by means of the monitor despite their advanced age.
  • Some parents are very light sleepers while others sleep tight. There are also sounds like fans that are on, television that is sometimes very loud or a heavy snorer that serves as competition. In cases such as these, it is once again personal circumstances that determine at what age the use of the monitor can be discontinued.
  • The type of building in which the parents with their babies live is also an important factor regarding the decision about when to stop the use of a monitor. In some cases, both parents with their babies are accommodated on the same floor of the house. It is then easier for parents to decide at what age to stop using the monitor. When the house is a double floor house and the parents are accommodated on one floor and the baby on another, it does affect the level of peace of mind of the parents. The latter is then likely to keep the monitor in use even if the baby is already in an advanced age.

Discontinuation – Your Choice

After all the information regarding the subject matter is kept in mind, the decision to discontinue the use of the monitor remains an individual one. It remains your choice.

My Recommendation

Your circumstances are unique, your baby is unique and your decision is unique. Whenever you are ready: Just Take The decision!





The Pros And Cons Of Baby Monitors

In this post, I would like to concentrate on the pros and cons of Baby Monitors. It is quite safe to say that most of the products that we purchase have advantages as well as disadvantages. Baby monitors are not excluded from these phenomena because it also has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, this does not mean that we should throw out the proverbial child with the bath just because we are aware of the disadvantages of a product. The idea is to balance the pros and cons of a product towards each other and then make the right decision on it. However, it is essential that the benefits of any product, in the long run, exceed the disadvantages. This should also be the case with Baby Monitors.

Benefits or Advantages of Baby Monitors

Intensive research with regard to Baby Monitors revealed that the benefits or advantages exceed the disadvantages to the greatest extent. The following are some of the most important advantages of the Baby Monitor:

  • In view of the fact that communication between parent and baby is central during the most vulnerable developmental phase of your baby makes it a very important benefit. You as a parent can communicate with your baby uninterrupted. The monitor helps keep the connection with you as a parent and your baby. In this way, you can maintain contact with your baby even if you are in a different room as your baby.
  • It is especially the ability of monitors to continuously provide video and audio that allows you as a parent to monitor your baby while at the same time you can do the washing, preparing dinner or keep up with one or another important responsibility in the house.
  • It can easily happen that in the absence of a monitor you as parent wakes up the baby many times and as such causes a disturbance in your baby’s sleep pattern. With a monitor, you as a parent and your infant are constantly in contact and there is no need to disturb your baby unnecessarily.
  • It is proved that it is even beneficial to have a monitor especially if you travel long distances. You as a parent, you can be busy with all kinds of assignments while your baby stays in the eye.
  • The simplicity with which these products are offered these days is another advantage. It is not necessary to hire someone to set it up for you. You can do it with the greatest easy yourself.
  • Furthermore, there is no need to fear when it is dark because the crystal clear video and the night vision features make it possible that you as a parent can watch all the movements of your baby.
  • You as a parent, you surely would like to go to sleep with a restful heart, do unrestrained homework or attend work without any worries about your baby. It’s exactly what a monitor offers: peace of mind.
  • It is beneficial to purchase a WiFi monitor if you as a parent prefer it because then you can monitor your baby where he or she is. You just have to ensure that you always have your mobile device on hand.

Cons or Disadvantages of Baby Monitors

With the rapid advancement and development of technology, it is easy for errors to creep in. Baby Monitors are not immune to this:

  • It is, therefore, possible that you can purchase a monitor with technical errors. This can be seen as a disadvantage.
  • Another disadvantage for some people is that the products can be seen as very expensive. However, it is important to balance the safety of your baby against the cost of the product.
  • If the choice of parents falls on a WiFi monitor, one of the disadvantages is when there is an interruption of the internet connection. The connection between you as a parent and your baby is then automatically also interrupted. This can be of concern for some parents.

Your Prerogative

After listing all the pros and cons of baby monitors, it is still the prerogative of you as a parent to decide on the purchase of such a device and if so which of the many types on the market you will choose.

Advice To You as Parent

Given the fact that the disadvantages are really minimized as to the benefits it offers to you as a parent and your baby, it is advisable to give serious consideration to the purchase of such device. In my post. “Best Rated Baby Monitors – Making The Right Choice” is a list of the best-rated products. Feel free to have a look at it again.

Now That Everything Has Been Said

Now that everything has been said with regard to the pros and cons of Baby Monitors, I am sure that you as a parent will make the right choice for the sake of you and your baby.






Best – Rated Baby Monitors – Making The Best Choice

All of us know about the pivotal role of a parent, more specifically a mother plays in the life of a newborn baby. The role is predominantly supported by the following human senses:

  • touch
  • Hearing
  • Sight
  • Proprioception

The secret to the success of sharing these senses with your baby means that you need to be consistent in your efforts. It is not always possible. Therefore, you need one or other support.

Importance Of Baby Monitoring

In an extremely labor-oriented world, it is essential that you as a parent or a mother be aware of the available support and that the need for your baby to being monitored is not underestimated. This fact is complimented by the large number of babies ending in a tragic or unfortunate circumstance associated with non-monitoring.

The safety of your baby is therefore of paramount importance. As a parent, specifically a mother you need to be in constant contact with your baby. This means safety for the latter and peace of mind for you as the parent or mother.

Pivotal Role Of Baby Monitors

Nevertheless, it is important that you be aware of the external help that can be of valuable support. With life’s many challenges that arise in raising a newborn, the proper way of addressing these challenges are through means of a baby monitor. The latter already proved to play a pivotal role in the sensitive stage of the development of your baby.

The great significance of a baby monitor lies within the human need between you as a parent or mother and your baby to be connected at all times. Think about it – the essence of connection drives all fears and uncertainties away in terms of what your baby needs and how your baby is reacting towards this new thing, called life. It is therefore essential that the correct monitor is selected in accordance with the development of your baby. In addition, quality and durability are indispensable.

Baby Monitors, Yes, But Why?

We can list several reasons as to why you need to monitor your baby, but there is one primary reason that develops all relationships successfully, namely communication. Your baby is vulnerable and that is why his or her need for attention and necessities are heightened. The momentousness and urgency of communication are vital in this whole process of monitoring.

Your baby needs your direct supervision because he or she must be molded from a routine less existence to a comfortable, safe and practical routine. Routines are to be established when raising your newborn or checking up on your baby, for instance:

Crying is your baby’s language to express discomfort in his or her body. Imagine your baby lets you know he or she is in need to be fed or experience pain or one or another discomfort, but the last time you checked up on him or her, he or she was fast asleep. As life happens, just in that short period of your absence you might be juggling responsibilities and not hear your baby communicating to you.

With a baby monitor, communication will always be open between you and your baby. Thus, when he or she cries, you can immediately attend to your baby and your baby will know whenever he or she cries, you will be there to feed and comfort him or her.

A Choice For A Baby Monitor

It is essential to see the need for monitoring your baby, but it is also important that you bear in mind that there is an abundance of monitors in the open market. When it’s coming to the point of making a clear and responsible choice, it is important to take cognizance of at least most of the following criteria:

  • An Audio Display: This feature will show the loudness of your baby on the screen. It will also alert you if your baby is awake or if your baby is in need of any attention.
  • The Sensitivity Of Microphones: There is undoubtedly a need to monitor the movements of your baby as well as the heart rate and the breathing of the baby. This contributes to a positive status of convenience. If there is a need to lower the sound of the microphones, it can easily be done.
  • Sensor to regulate Temperature: You as an adult can easily regulate your temperature, but it is very difficult for your baby to do so. The importance of this sensor is that it helps with the regulation of the body temperature of your baby by displaying it on your screen. It alerts you if the temperature in your baby’s room becomes too hot or too cold.
  • The two Way Talk Feature: This feature is important because it helps you to talk to your baby when it is critically necessary. Maybe you want to soothe your baby or you just want to reassure your baby that you are close.
  • The quality and durability aspects: There is no sense in buying a cheap product for your baby that lasts only for six months or a year. The saying that cheap buying is expensive to buy is still very much true.
  • Lullabies and night light: This assists your baby to sleep. You can also have sight of your baby.


  • Out Of Range Indicator: This is also a safety factor for your baby. It indicates the moment when you are out of range of your baby.

If you are looking for a baby monitor it should at least include all or most of the above-mentioned features. With a vast variety of monitors at your disposal, it is always best to learn out of the experiences of other people regarding these products. Their experience leads to the rating of the baby monitors. If you are in need of one, it is best to focus on those that are best rated.

This is an honest source of assistance to you as a parent or mother to make a responsible choice regarding the correct product.

Best Rated Baby Monitors – A Guide

The following baby monitors are best rated and proof to be worth making an investment for your baby:

  • Infant Optics DXR -8 Video
  • Motorola Baby MBP 36S Remote Wireless
  • Infant Optics DXR – 5 Portable
  • Summer Infant Digital Color Video
  • VTech DM 221 Audio
  • Hallo Baby Wireless With Digital Camera
  • Levana Ayden Digital With Night Vision Camera
  • VTech DM 111 Audio
  • Palermo WiFi Video
  • iBaby WiFi Wireless Digital Video Camera With Night Vision And Music Player

The above-mentioned products show undeniably that the walkie-talkie style is something of the past. The variety contained in the list leaves room for a responsible choice regarding the correct and suitable product. With all the necessary knowledge at your disposal, all that is left to say is:

Go For It!






About William

Hi to all parents, more specifically to the mothers of babies. I would like to welcome you warmly to my website, Monitoring Your Baby. Let  me take the liberty to introduce myself to you

Something About Myself

My name is William and I am married to my beautiful wife, Kaylene. We have three children, a son (Aylmer, the eldest) and two daughters (Prudence, the middle one and Bethmery as the youngest).

As parents, we went through a lot of difficult times, but we survived all those difficulties. However, if there is one thing I will never ever forget, it is the birth of our three children and their early years of development. All three were born as premature at 22, 23 and 24 weeks respectively.

These were extremely difficult times.  All three of them stayed for three months in the hospital from the day of their birth. The eldest was born in a hospital in the rural area.  Their three-month-stay in the hospital was actually a blessing because the hospitals were equipped with the necessary trained staff and medical equipment in order to monitor our children regularly.

The challenge, however, begins when they were discharged from the hospital. We were soon confronted with reality, namely that it was not possible to grant justice to our babies if we did not duplicate the environment of the hospital at our home. That meant extra expenses. At that time we experienced financial difficulties but just had to make a sacrifice for the sake of our children. We bought a baby monitor to assist us with our first born. It just was not possible to take care of him without a monitor. It was at this point that I became aware of the utmost necessity for close monitoring of infant babies, especially during the first few years.

While there was a great deal of appreciation for me as a father who helps to take care of our babies in their affiliated and vulnerable years, it was still my wife who got the most out of the control. She was the one who did not get proper control.

There was a period just after our son was discharged from the hospital, that I realized it was especially during this first vulnerable phase after birth that children easily get hurt and in some cases it could be fatal.

Exhaustion Can Be Something Of The Past

It was especially my wife who at the beginning was physical, emotional and psychological drained. Furthermore, it also brought feelings of guilt to her if she does not care for the little one on time. Therefore, we took it as of the utmost importance that our babies should be constantly monitored with a baby monitor, especially during the vulnerable period of their lives. This ensured that all the needs of our babies were taken care of timely.

It also caused our babies to experience no inconvenience. The communication between my wife and our babies was of paramount importance. The baby monitor was our babies’ way of communicating with their mother or with me as the father by night or day.

I would like to use my personal experience that I gained with the growth and development of our children to make a contribution regarding the importance of baby monitors that enhances the quality of baby care.

The Changed Context Of My Wife As A Mother

The context of especially that of my wife has experienced enormous changes in the last few decades. There were so many demands made to her. The quality care had to be provided to our babies, the normal functioning of the household had to come to justice and as a working mother, there were still work commitments. Quality rest was, therefore, a prerequisite for her as a mother.

Before we decided on a baby monitor there were sleepless nights, tiredness, frustration and guilt (as mentioned earlier)  if we could not provide for our firstborn’s needs on time. We also experienced critical death-escaping moments during the fragile and vulnerable development phase of our firstborn. We learned from this experience and applied it right from the beginning to our children that were born in later years.

The Purpose Of The Website

The main purpose of the website is to emphasize the importance of using a baby monitor, especially by mothers for their own sake as well as for the sake of their babies. Furthermore, to look at the best-rated monitors when making a choice, the pros, and cons of using monitors, the best age to stop using it, etc.

I know firsthand of the pros of making use of a baby monitor and now would like to use my personal experience that I gained from the growth and development of our children to make a contribution regarding the importance of baby monitors that enhance the quality of baby care.

Babies Are Our Most Vulnerable Possession

We realized with our firstborn the necessity of buying a decent baby monitor that we could utilize for all the children born hereafter. I experienced it myself that our babies cannot care for themselves. They are too vulnerable. The obligation lies particularly on the mother of the baby. By using a baby monitor, mothers will undoubtedly increase their peace of mind.

Also feel free to take a look at the variety of baby monitors on the website, and I encourage you to share your experience with me.

Here’s to a successful monitoring of your baby.


Founder of Monitoring Your Baby