About William

Hi to all parents, more specifically to the mothers of babies. I would like to welcome you warmly to my website, Monitoring Your Baby. Let  me take the liberty to introduce myself to you

Something About Myself

My name is William and I am married to my beautiful wife, Kaylene. We have three children, a son (Aylmer, the eldest) and two daughters (Prudence, the middle one and Bethmery as the youngest).

As parents, we went through a lot of difficult times, but we survived all those difficulties. However, if there is one thing I will never ever forget, it is the birth of our three children and their early years of development. All three were born as premature at 22, 23 and 24 weeks respectively.

These were extremely difficult times.  All three of them stayed for three months in the hospital from the day of their birth. The eldest was born in a hospital in the rural area.  Their three-month-stay in the hospital was actually a blessing because the hospitals were equipped with the necessary trained staff and medical equipment in order to monitor our children regularly.

The challenge, however, begins when they were discharged from the hospital. We were soon confronted with reality, namely that it was not possible to grant justice to our babies if we did not duplicate the environment of the hospital at our home. That meant extra expenses. At that time we experienced financial difficulties but just had to make a sacrifice for the sake of our children. We bought a baby monitor to assist us with our first born. It just was not possible to take care of him without a monitor. It was at this point that I became aware of the utmost necessity for close monitoring of infant babies, especially during the first few years.

While there was a great deal of appreciation for me as a father who helps to take care of our babies in their affiliated and vulnerable years, it was still my wife who got the most out of the control. She was the one who did not get proper control.

There was a period just after our son was discharged from the hospital, that I realized it was especially during this first vulnerable phase after birth that children easily get hurt and in some cases it could be fatal.

Exhaustion Can Be Something Of The Past

It was especially my wife who at the beginning was physical, emotional and psychological drained. Furthermore, it also brought feelings of guilt to her if she does not care for the little one on time. Therefore, we took it as of the utmost importance that our babies should be constantly monitored with a baby monitor, especially during the vulnerable period of their lives. This ensured that all the needs of our babies were taken care of timely.

It also caused our babies to experience no inconvenience. The communication between my wife and our babies was of paramount importance. The baby monitor was our babies’ way of communicating with their mother or with me as the father by night or day.

I would like to use my personal experience that I gained with the growth and development of our children to make a contribution regarding the importance of baby monitors that enhances the quality of baby care.

The Changed Context Of My Wife As A Mother

The context of especially that of my wife has experienced enormous changes in the last few decades. There were so many demands made to her. The quality care had to be provided to our babies, the normal functioning of the household had to come to justice and as a working mother, there were still work commitments. Quality rest was, therefore, a prerequisite for her as a mother.

Before we decided on a baby monitor there were sleepless nights, tiredness, frustration and guilt (as mentioned earlier)  if we could not provide for our firstborn’s needs on time. We also experienced critical death-escaping moments during the fragile and vulnerable development phase of our firstborn. We learned from this experience and applied it right from the beginning to our children that were born in later years.

The Purpose Of The Website

The main purpose of the website is to emphasize the importance of using a baby monitor, especially by mothers for their own sake as well as for the sake of their babies. Furthermore, to look at the best-rated monitors when making a choice, the pros, and cons of using monitors, the best age to stop using it, etc.

I know firsthand of the pros of making use of a baby monitor and now would like to use my personal experience that I gained from the growth and development of our children to make a contribution regarding the importance of baby monitors that enhance the quality of baby care.

Babies Are Our Most Vulnerable Possession

We realized with our firstborn the necessity of buying a decent baby monitor that we could utilize for all the children born hereafter. I experienced it myself that our babies cannot care for themselves. They are too vulnerable. The obligation lies particularly on the mother of the baby. By using a baby monitor, mothers will undoubtedly increase their peace of mind.

Also feel free to take a look at the variety of baby monitors on the website, and I encourage you to share your experience with me.

Here’s to a successful monitoring of your baby.


Founder of Monitoring Your Baby