Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Baby Monitors

One of the simplest actions that a person can perform is that of buying a product that you feel you are in need of. Anything wrong with that? one would ask. No, not at all is the logical answer and maybe rightfully so. One can only go to any of the

many shops or merchants, identify the product, pay for it and use it. Nowadays there are even easier ways worldwide to get hold of any product you wish. To do justice to this website we would like to focus in this article on Baby Monitors as a product.

Baby Monitors As Product Available on the Internet

In these modern days it is even easier to get products like Baby Monitors on the internet. All you do is identify your need, search for the product of your choice on the internet, find it and with just a click on a button you pay for it and the product of your choice can be delivered to you within hours, days or weeks.

So, it is easy, very easy to get hold of any product, in particular a Baby Monitor. Nevertheless, we must ask ourselves if that is really all to it and whether it is really that simple and whether there is anything more to it.

There Is More To It – Peace of Mind For And Responsibility Of The Consumer

Let us face it: there is in general a wealth of fake companies and products spread across the world. This should make us alert at all times when we buy any product (a baby monitor specific) from local or online stores. On the one hand, you as the consumer have to have peace of mind from the merchant and on the other hand the responsibility remains that of you as the consumer to ensure the product you are investing in, is obtainable from a reputable dealer or merchant.

You are actually investing in the most valuable and most vulnerable asset, your baby. It is therefore of utmost importance that the baby monitor as product must be safe in all respects.

You as a consumer must be reassured that the product that you buy from one or another merchant meets the International Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Baby Monitors. The merchant that provides the product must be accountable to a higher authority in respect of the basic or standard safety requirements. This higher authority, with the implementation of safety requirements, offers to you as a consumer peace of mind by keeping the merchant accountable.

Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Baby Monitors

It is important for you to know that Baby Monitors as a product is protected by the International Standard Consumer Safety Specifications. These specifications address specifically incidents associated with Baby Monitors fitted with cords. The Baby Monitors equipped with chords have previously registered situations or incidents of strangulation.

This was due to the interference of the cords of the baby monitor with the baby’s movements while using the monitor. The said specifications establish specific requirements for Baby Monitors with cords. This includes the following:

  • video baby monitor
  • audio baby monitor
  • movable sensory baby monitor

In addition to the aforementioned, there are other requirements that are attached to it. It includes the following:

  • labeling
  • packaging
  • packaging materials

Babies: Our Most Vulnerable and Valuable Asset And the Occurrence of Injuries

It can easily happen that babies as our most valuable asset, due to their vulnerability, can get injured in the normal course of the use of a baby monitor. However, injuries to babies can also be caused by the abuse or misuse of a baby monitor. The 

requirements mentioned earlier were specifically aimed at minimizing injuries to babies while using a monitor. Furthermore, the said specifications are also intended to cover important aspects such as the following:

  • standardization
  • general requirements
  • testing methods
  • product processing
  • calibration

In accordance with the mentioned requirements or specifications, no baby monitor as a product may be indicated as approved for distribution unless it meets all requirements before or after testing.

Consumers, You Are Protected: Use It

In addition to the International Standard Consumer Safety Specifications that protect consumers, there is also the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network to protect consumers worldwide. This is a network of authorities around the world, which jointly aims to counter fraud and unfair practices.

It is important that you know as a consumer that there are higher authorities where you can go to if you consider it important. Therefore, do not hesitate to use existing protection at your disposal when necessary. You are protected: Use it.

Wilkayaffiliate And You As the Consumer

We, here at Wilkayaffiliate, consider outstanding and quality service from merchants to you as a consumer as very important. We appreciate and value you and your baby to the utmost and will always try to do everything in our power to bring you in contact with the best merchants that sell Baby Monitors. It is essential to us that you must at all times be well-informed of and expose to the following:

  • Top of a variety of baby monitor products
  • The pros and cons of using baby monitors.
  • The best age to stop the using of baby.
  • Video baby monitors in the market.
  • Baby monitors for deaf parents.

However, we at Wlkayaffiliate also believe that, maybe of more importance, you as a consumer should also be aware that there are applicable international safety specifications as well as globally consumer protection regulations with regard to Baby Monitors in particular. This is to you and your baby’s safety and protection and we want you to experience uninterrupted peace of mind when exercising a consumer choice.

Time For Action


Now that you know you are globally protected, it is time to identify your need for a Baby Monitor, search for it, get on our website, find your investment you want to make in your baby as most vulnerable and valuable asset and do the clicking with peace of mind and know: You are protected globally…