The Best Age to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

On the face of this, it looks like a very simple matter. Yet it is something that troubles many parents, more specifically the mothers. The latter struggles with the question: When is it the right age to stop using a Baby Monitor? Let me have the honor of walking you through this matter and hopefully bring you some clarity.

Stopping The Use of a Baby Monitor – An Individual Choice

Although this question of at what age the use of a Baby Monitor should be stopped can be answered by any parent or mother. However, it is important to keep in mind that others’ advice to you remains what it says, that it is advice. It is not the alpha and omega. After all, it remains a personal matter and therefore an individual decision or choice to be taken by each parent or mother. The factors that determine the decision or choice are usually the following:

  • The personal circumstances of you as the parent or parents
  • The sensitive feeling of especially you as a mother
  • The weighing of certain important and relevant issues, as well as considerations, that are given to it
  • The personal judgment of you as a parent or couple.

Our Personal Journey

As mentioned in my About Page, all three of our children were born prematurely. The eldest one is a boy, the middle one and the youngest are both girls. We discontinue the use of the monitor at the following ages:

  • The eldest became extremely energetic and busy during nights after his most vulnerable years. We deemed it fit to keep him on the monitor for three-and-a-half years where-after we stop the use of the monitor.
  • The middle one showed some traces of chronic discomfort so we stop the use of the monitor at age four.
  • The youngest did not need the monitor for longer than two-and-a-half years. She actually made it clear to us that she did not need it by giving it back to us every morning shaking her head very seriously negatively. So we stopped the use of the monitor at the age of two-and-a-half years.
    So we have three children and three different ages when we stopped the use of the monitors.

Reasons Why Stopping The Use Of It Is An Individual Choice

There are several reasons that can be indicated as to why it is an individual choice when to stop using a Baby Monitor. It is especially the mother of the baby who is the determining factor because of her extremely sensitive sense of and for situations.

Research on the issue advises parents to stop using Baby Monitors at the age of one or two years. However, there are cases where the parents keep on monitor the baby and only terminate the use of it after the child reaches the age of four-and-half to five-and-a-half years.

Research records also that there is even a case where a parent felt safe to stop using the Baby Monitor only when her child reached the age of nine years. Indeed, it is a matter of personal circumstances that are important. In summary, what is mentioned by mothers especially is the following:

  • The development of our babies is very important. All babies do not develop at the same rate. The muscle strength of babies is not the same at birth, and it does not develop at the same rate. Furthermore, there sleep patterns, light sensitivity and their level of irritability are also not the same. Even perceptual development such as depth perception as well as mental and personality development also does not take place at the same rates as all babies. It is therefore important for you as a parent to keep in mind that each baby has their own development story that determines certain actions or decisions of their parents.
  • Asthmatic challenges or any other medical issues present are one of the reasons for the individual decision given especially by mothers. Some babies have been very healthy since birth. The use of the monitor can be stopped as soon as the critical phase of the baby is over. In other cases, infants are born with certain diseases which are chronic in nature and stays with the baby for a long time. In such cases, the argument will be that any medical discomfort present in babies should be a concern for you as the parent. It is better to only discontinue the use of the monitor when you have absolute peace of mind than to sit afterward with self-regret and emotional scars.
  • Unfortunately, there were instances where families were visited by unexpected and unwelcome visitors, with the intention of damaging the family, especially the baby. Burglars, unfortunately, do not let you know when they strike. They also do not always allow the best security equipment to hamper their plans. Therefore, it is safe for many parents to be connected with their baby or child by means of the monitor despite their advanced age.
  • Some parents are very light sleepers while others sleep tight. There are also sounds like fans that are on, television that is sometimes very loud or a heavy snorer that serves as competition. In cases such as these, it is once again personal circumstances that determine at what age the use of the monitor can be discontinued.
  • The type of building in which the parents with their babies live is also an important factor regarding the decision about when to stop the use of a monitor. In some cases, both parents with their babies are accommodated on the same floor of the house. It is then easier for parents to decide at what age to stop using the monitor. When the house is a double floor house and the parents are accommodated on one floor and the baby on another, it does affect the level of peace of mind of the parents. The latter is then likely to keep the monitor in use even if the baby is already in an advanced age.

Discontinuation – Your Choice

After all the information regarding the subject matter is kept in mind, the decision to discontinue the use of the monitor remains an individual one. It remains your choice.

My Recommendation

Your circumstances are unique, your baby is unique and your decision is unique. Whenever you are ready: Just Take The decision!