The Best Baby Monitors for DEAF Parents

When we believe that Baby Monitors are important to parents with good hearing function, it should especially apply to parents who are deaf and / or have some form of hearing impairment. Unfortunately we find that this is not always the case. It has been found that there is still a high degree of discrimination against parents with deafness.

Attitude to Deaf Parents with regard to Baby Monitors

Any existing discrimination against deaf parents can be traced back to the general historical attitude towards people with disabilities. Those who experience hearing impairment or total deafness are not excluded from this sort of discrimination. This negative attitude has also swung over to the deaf and hearing impaired who are gifted with parenting. It has been found that the industry concerned with the manufacturing of baby monitors are somewhat bias to those with good hearing function.

Cater for the Deaf Parent

Deaf parents cannot make use of the traditional baby monitors, because it is sound-based. Luckily there are those manufacturers who nowadays specifically cater for deaf or hearing impaired parents. We will therefore always be grateful to those companies. As a deaf or hearing impaired parent you have the full right of access to the best baby monitors that is available for your particular circumstances.

The Choice Remains that of the Parent

It is important that manufacturers do not exercise choices for parents in this category. The products provided must be available to all people in their specific circumstances. It is then for those parents to decide if they want to make use of such a product as a baby monitor and which of the products fit their needs as a deaf parent best.

The Difference for Deaf Parents in Baby Monitors

Both parent groups, those with good hearing function and those with deafness or hearing impairment make use of their sight. However, the former parent group also has their hearing that they can use to their benefit. If, for example, there are any sounds coming from their baby, they can hear it. The last group of parents, however, does not have this luxury, In their case, there must be extra sophisticated features that are more focused on their senses of feeling and visibility.

Features for Deaf Parents

As mentioned earlier, parents with deafness or hearing impairment are more dependent on their visibility and emotional skills. Therefore, the most important features for which such parents should look out for, are the following:

  • video display
  • vibration facility
  • flashing lights
  • talk-back feature

The above mentioned features in baby monitors, place parents with hearing impairment and deafness at the same level as those with good hearing functions.

Research – Important Aspect for Parents with Deafness

The responsibility is that of the parent with a challenge of deafness to do good research. In this way you can make sure that the required features for your needs are available in the product that you need. You can also help to counteract the negative attitude of manufacturers regarding deafness and hearing impairment.

It is of utmost importance for people with any form of deafness or hearing impairment to regard themselves as a valuable human being. You have the right to claim your rightful place in society and be treated as such.